Follow this tutorial you will find how to cut or join music. The processes is quite simple and only need few clicks. From there, you'll quickly discover most of the other features of the program yourself.

How to cut or join music?

First Free Download Elaker Mp3 Cutter Joiner and install it.

Step 1. Add files

Click Add File button add-audio-fileson the toolbar, choose one or more files in the dialog that pops up, and then click Open to import the selected files into the file list in the main window. Or, drag and drop the files which you want to cut or join into the file list in the main window.

mp3 cutter joiner screenshot


There are five buttons at the top of the program which allow you to manage the audio files.

manage audio files buttons

--Adjust the sequence

Adjust the sequence of individual file via the Up and Down buttons.

--Delete files

Click Remove to delete selected file and click Clear to delete all added files.


Set the default parameters for the output files.

Information of all files

the list of the audio files' information

--File name, Size and Time: Display the name, size and time of the audio files you have added.

--Begin-End Time: The begin-end time of each audio file. If you have set the begin-end time for the file, it displays the selected clip’s begin-end time.

--Length: The Length of each audio file. If you have set the begin-end time for the file, it displays the selected clip’s length.

--Status: Every file’s status. They are Ready, Playing, Converted and Finished.

--Total: The total time of all files. If you have set the begin-end time for some files, it displays the total time of all selected clips and other files.

Step 2. Set the begin/end-time for very file

There is a small player built in Elaker Mp3 Cutter Joiner, so you can set the begin/end times visually when you listen to the audio files.


1. Choose the audio file and then click the Play button to play the file. Or, double click the file you want to cut to play directly.

2. During playback, you can click Set begin point and Set end point button to set the begin/end time when it plays to the point you want.

Meanwhile, you can also change the figures in the Begin Time and End Time textbox below the player to get the more accurate time points.


--Preview the new clips

Click Play clip button to preview the custom pieces.

Step 3. Add the fade in/out effects (Optional)

As a bonus, you can add fade-in and fade-out effects to the exported audio easily, thus producing smoother transitions.

set the fade in/out effects

Click the drop-down list boxes to set the fade in/out time in the main window or in the settings ‘general window.


--Insert fade in/out between files when joining.

Check Insert fade in/out between tracks when joining checkbox in the settings ‘general window. And Elaker Mp3 Cutter Joiner will automatically insert the effect between all tracks according to your time setting.

Step 4. Set output format

Click Format drop-down button to choose the wanted output profile.

Step 5. Choose destination

Click Browse (…) button and select a folder for saving the output files in the dialog that opens.

If cell phone, iPhone and iPod are connected, you can also click Browse (…) drop-down button and choose the corresponding options in the drop-down menu.

Step 6. Start cutting or joining

Just press the Cut or Join button cut/combine songs and you can cut or join your audio files in seconds. If you want to give up your operation, just click the Stop button.

Want to join & cut an MP3? Click the following button to try now!

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